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Martech Maven

There's an intersection between Marketing and Technology also known as MarTech. Being a novice simply isn’t acceptable and the real estate agents who embrace MarTech and become mavens will clearly have a competitive advantage for themselves as well as their clients.

Lead Gen Evangalist

Lead Gen Evangelist episodes will focus on everything from who, what, where, when, why and how of lead generation. We will explore different approaches to lead gen, scripts, systems, case studies, trends, and paradigm shifts of consumer needs so that we will always be an important part of our clients' lives.

Systems Savvy

Unlike typical real estate agents, Green Ocean Entrepreneurs have an approach to business that incorporates our philosophy, strategies, and tactics that set us apart from the competition. Episodes include best practices, systems, mobile apps, hardware, SaaS, reviews, business books, and case studies.


Learn from other masterminds both in the real estate industry as well as in other industries. Masterminds explores best selling authors, case studies of top producers and peak performers, and other inspiring 'nuggets' to help us reach that next level in business and in life.

Start Up Alley

Becoming a new real estate agent is both exciting as well as scary. Start up alley episodes will help new (as well as experienced) agents have the proper foundation to not only survive, but quickly thrive in the business.

The CEOs

The CEOs episodes focuses on everything from transformational leadership theory to managing daily tasks and attracting the best talent (aka recruiting.) There will also be particular focus on culture and communications that will challenge traditional managing brokers in real estate today.

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